Recording video files to vhs

By Nause
Mar 27, 2004
  1. I've been working on some animation in Flash (which includes some sound), with my Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb (might be 256 don't know ) would it be possible to connect my computer to my TV and vhs so that I can record both video and sound to the vhs tape. Do I need to disconnet my 2nd monitor whilst I do this as well ? Any help would be appericated !
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    I use an 'S' connector (round with 5-6 Pins ,similar to a PS/2 mouse connector) Then whatever software you have should do the job I use Nero .
    Just curious though, is there any particular reason you would not record to DVD other than $? Video tape is virtually obsolete and definitely less reliable over the long run.
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