Recover accidentally unpartitioned windows XP?

By SpaceMonky
Dec 12, 2004
  1. ok, heres my story...

    i was getting some disk boot failure messages so i was refered to a hard drive scan and renegeration program. i accidentally selected an option in it that was for formating the hard drive. i stopped it about 2 seconds after it started, realizing what it was going to do it.

    the computer was restarted to find that the hard drive is now listed as one unpartitioned space. the hard drive consisted of four partitions. one of the partions contained about 20gig of important data; work, school work, etc...

    please help me... i need to recover my hard drive. :(
  2. Kreole

    Kreole TS Rookie

    Recovering data from unpartitioned drive

    Hey there SpaceMonky,

    Saw your note and wanted to find out if you managed to get a resolve to this.
    I have a similiar issue in that I "accidentally" deleted the partition on one of my USB Drives (very important data, hours and hours of work, years of dedication, 80 Gig etc). I have not formated it at all but as you can guess, I wanted to see if there was a way I can recover the data.

    Anyone with any help will be canonised immediately (well, I will put in a good word or six)
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