Recovering a deleted file from a Sandisk USB drive

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Apr 14, 2007
  1. Hi,
    I recently erased an important document on my Sandisk drive. I've tried several free trials to recover my files but they don't allow me to actually get it. They're also very expensive (like, for example, RescuePro). Does anyone know how I can recover a file that I deleted two weeks ago??? Thanks, I'd greatly appreciate the help.
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    the chances of recovering it on a flash drive are slim. The longer you wait to recover a file the less of a chance there is. Try using a file recovery program. There are many free ones on the net. If you haven't written or used the drive, you might be successful.
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    Thanks for replying. Would you happen to know of any good ones? The one that provided me with the most files I've deleted was Rescue Pro but since it was a trial, it didn't let me access them. Please, please advise me of any good ones in particular. Thanks a lot!
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  5. veronicadaddogl

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    Thanks. It works well with some files. Unfortunately I can't get a lot of word documents... well they are opened with characters that I can't understand (mostly just squares rather than letters). Is there any other program that anyone can recommend? Thanks a lot.
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