Recovering Data from an external hard disk

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Hello Everyone,

The other day I connected my 120 GB SATA HD to my computer. Everyone does it so..what's special about this? I'll tell you what. I connected it to comp which was already powered on and running. :) I know it sounds foolish but can't help.

Since then, the HD isn't responding and not getting detaced by my comp. I tried connecting it to other machines also but no luck.

My guess is, only the in-buit motor of the HD could have gone short becuase of connecting it on a running PC but Data should be safe. Is there anyway to recover the data stored on it.?

Please advise.



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The only way you will get data off that is to take it to a data recovery specialist, but that will be seriously expensive.


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Are you sure it is the motor? Can you hear the drive spinning up when you connect it?


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See if you can get an identical hard drive and swap the motors around. A data recovery expert can cost up to $5000. And a replacement motor a max of $100.


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