Recovering from a scrapped BIOS

By Cosmosis
Jul 28, 2005
  1. I have an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe mobo. I made the mistake of trying to update the BIOS. I did it via floppy and all went well until it told me to reboot. I hit ctrl alt del and the computer started to reboot but then nothing. No POST, no beeps, no video of any kind. The fans and led's come on but nothing else. I let it sit there and run for about half hour then suddenly I got a menu on the screen asking me to enter setup or bypass. I entered setup and made sure all was well then exited. Once again I get nothing. I pulled all devices except hdd and video card, removed the battery and moved the jumper to clear the BIOS, and put the battery back in. Still nothing. Is there any way to reflash the BIOS or bypass it long enough to boot from floppy?
  2. Cosmosis

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    Another weird event. It just started to boot after sitting here for about an hour with the power on. I had a floppy in the drive and it started to boot to it. I removed the floppy and hit ctrl alt del to reboot it and I am back to nothing. What would cause a computer to sit there for half an hour or more before starting to boot?
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