Recovering Partitions with TestDisk!!!

Apr 21, 2004
  1. Hey All...I need some help. Here is the back story:

    I installed Partition Magic 8.0 and partitioned my 20GB HD into 4 drives:

    D: [Media]
    E: [Page File]
    F: [Temp File]

    Well, I used my D: drive for all my music/pictures/videos...but I got to a point where I needed to make more space on that I opened PM back up and did a few quick resizes (shrinking C: primary drive, and extending D) I restarted my computer so the changes could be made. When my system rebooted...PM started going to work like before...but then all the sudden my computer crashed. When I tried to restart would not boot up. I had to reformat and reinstall windows from scratch. I didn't think this would be much of a problem since I had all my stuff on different partitions. But when I started windows back up after installation...I went to My Computer, and it didn't show my other drives. I reinstalled PM opened it up and it didn't show the other partitions. I was freaking out! I went to Disk Management...and Zilch! Nada....So I searched around and found a great recovering program called R-Studio. I scanned my computer...and sure enough it found all of my old partitions. I successfully recovered all my music and stuff from the D: drive.

    Anyway...I was recently thinking about partitioning my HD again, but thought that I might be able to recover those old partitions. I found this forum...and someone mentioned a program called 'Testdisk' It was freeware and really small in size, so I didn't expect much. However, it did recognize the old partitions, so I think maybe I can undelete them. The problem is that it found some other partitions which I am not sure about. Here are a screenshot:


    First, why is it showing 3 different 'NOTEBOOK' or C: drives...and why are they all deleted? Are these 3 additional drives aside from my primary C: drive?

    Also, why is it showing 2 'Page File' Drives?

    And, I have never made a partition called [SHARED] so what the heck is that?

    Lastly, the partition without a name...looks like a clone of my D: Media Drive? Is it?

    I need to know which partitions on this list to that my computer will be like it was before Windows crashed.

    Additional Notes:
    OS: XP
    HD has only been partitioned that one time (4 drives) I haven't partitioned since the windows crash i.e. I've never made a second 'Page File' drive.

    I hope you guys can help. Any input is very much appreciated.

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Only the other day I first read about Testdisk (in PC Answers Issue 132, May 2004)). They advise to read the instructions very carefully, as Testdisk (from ) "discovers" all previous partitions as well. That is happening to you apparently.
    Pehaps their website gives more info, or other forum-visitors know about the quirks.
    PCAnswers advise to leave your HD untouched when in any doubt, because restoring the wrong partition-data can really screw it all up.
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