Recovering Passwords in Norton Internet Security 2005

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Jan 9, 2005
  1. I hope someone can help me. I completely forgot what my Supervisor Password is NIS 2005. Now, I can't get back into the Supervisor section to change settings in NIS 2005 (it currently boots into my kids' profile). Does anyone have any idea when NIS stores it's passwords so I can recover my Supervisor password, or am I going to have to delete and reload my system to get rid of NIS 2005. HELP!!!!
  2. SIMON1602

    SIMON1602 TS Rookie

    I had a similar problem to this when mysteriously the system stopped working, I used system restore to go back to a time when I could get in.

    Good Luck

  3. jadx

    jadx TS Rookie

    norton int. sec.2005 woe!

    Is there another way around this I have Norton IS 2005 also and I am very 99% sure I used correct supervisor password. I wonder has a trogan taken control. I am also on my sons password. The advice given by symantic says go to add/remove programs and click change then reset password but I cannot see Norton internet security listed there. I am currently on the 3 month free trial and must say am quite put off this software at the moment!
  4. howard_hopkinso

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  5. jadx

    jadx TS Rookie

    Bingo, it is a Packard Bell I will try the link. Thank you. :wave:
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