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Recovery disks not working. A slightly different take........

By S31ender
Nov 26, 2005
  1. Hiya guys, I've got a odd one here. I see many posts about people's recovery partitions not working and having to order Recovery CD's for the recovery partitions........hehe. But I've got one step more.....what happens when your recovery cd's for the recovery partition don't work?

    Ok, a little detail here.
    I have a Vaio PCV-RS210. It's got a c partition for windows xp, a d partition for media, and a restore partition. The restore partition won't work. I tried to restore the C partition, the computer restarted and tried to access the restore partition. I think it did. But I get a screen that says.
    "Cannot determine partition settings. This utility will close and your computer is restarted"
    So....I ordered the recovery partition CD's. Guess what? They don't work. I put in CD one (out of seven), it does it's thing I think, since after a little but it says to take the CD out of the drive and restart the machine. I do so and it goes right back to the same old trick........it's SUPPOSED to go to the next step and start a recovery wizard. But it doesn't.

    Now here's where it gets fun. I've taken the HD out and installed it as a slave to another computer. It reads all three partitions. So........I happen to know that if I can get the computer to boot up normally instead of trying to boot from the restore partition, I can go about this a better way. Now, as I understand it, there is something on a computer that places boot instructions on the HD so that when it tries to boot from the HD it'll boot from the restore partition instead of the C partition like normal? How do I get it to stop going after the restore partition (that's corrupt and can't seem to be fixed by the restore partition restore cds.) and boot like normally, since I clearly see all the proper files are still there? (remember, at no point did the restore process actually start and I verified that the files are there when I installed the drive in another machine.) What I am trying to do, is to boot the machine normally into windows xp which I know to work (I'm reinstalling due to a printer driver that's stupid) so that I can access the recovery wizard there since it won't come up from the boot. I know it'll come up from there fine and then I can use the recovery partition recovery cds to fix this issue once and for all.
    Also, more detail.......I have verified that the recovery partition recovery cds are NOT corrupt or defective...........the ARE working disks, so this issue is clearly something wrong with the boot process.
  2. S31ender

    S31ender TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no responses? Oh well. musta been a hard one.

    Well, I'll let you in on the fix.
    In this case this worked, in other's, I can't say for certain it'll work but it did this time.

    I went to bootdisk.com and nabbed the xp quickboot, it worked but still no boot because my computer said my hal.dll file was missing or corrupt, something I would have never known because I never got that far. So I couldn't figure out how to replace it at first....until I remembered that when the HD was in the other computer I could see the restore partition. I lucked out. I installed it into the other PC again and opened the restore partition. Grabbed the hal.dll file and copied it onto the C partition in the proper location. Then I put the HD back in it's own tower again.
    The computer booted right up using the bootdisk and I was able to then recover the system.
  3. BiZ


    Sounds like you had a trojan. And yea it sounds like it was a hard one. Congratz on fixin it :p
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