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Aug 2, 2003
  1. I was doing some cleaning up of a Zip drive disk and inadvertently deleted a large folder. I thought it would be deposited into my recycle bin but upon review of the bin, I noticed no new files had been listed. Upon further review, I saw no new files had been added to recycle bin for past few days. I spent a good hour cleaning and deleting files from the ZIP disk and my desktop as well. Upon each deletion, I was prompted as usual and I confirmed and I assumed they'd be going into the recycle bin..but it appears they didn;t. So if the recycle bin size is exceeded, where do the files go? Is there a way to locate/restore the folder I deleted and has gone into
  2. JSR

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    not always

    some files do not pass themseleves to the for retrieval, there are retrieval services for your physical drive.............fraudulant activity stems from this retieval quite often.........meaning, take it in to the shop
  3. meritprod

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    Retrieval Services from my hard drive ? such as what?
    I need to get the files/folders back which I inadvertently deleted because They pertain to my job! So any help or any place you can point me to would be most appreciated
  4. JSR

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    do you have xp

    or, even ME, has a system restore, but, as i mentioned, take it to a computer chop shop that can do hard drive retrieval, if not
  5. LNCPapa

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    If the files you were deleting (the entire folder) passed the maximum size you had allotted (based on percentage of HD space) to your recycle bin then it would skip the bin entirely. Maybe that's what happened.

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  7. Nic

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  8. Greeno

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    if the files you needed were on a zip disk, it wouldnt go to the bin anyway would it ? i mean..if u delete stuff on a floppy disk, they dont do they..

    correct me if im wrong... otherwise, yeah..i'd have said it may have exceeded the limit and missing the bin totally like Papa said :)
  9. LNCPapa

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    Oops - you're right Greeno - forgot it was on a removable drive.
  10. StormBringer

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    You can set the Zip disk to send deleted files to the recycle bin, that may only be if you make it temporarily nonremovable though.

    For file retreival, I'd suggest Ontrack Easy Recovery. Its the best one I've used to recover lost files. None of them is going to be perfect and may only get part or none of your data back, but if you get any, its better than none.
  11. Frog

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    I got something called System Mechanic 5. You can get it with a 30 day trial, it has a part that recovers files, its real good. Also its got tools that perm delete stuff and over writes it X* ammount of time (* you set how many times) and then it cant be recovered :)
  12. taco

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    System Mechanic 5 does not include file recovery in the 30 day trial version.
  13. taco

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    There is a wide selection of recovery software out there. Unfortunately they are supplying a product to desperate customers and charge $30, $50, $80 or $100s just to undo a single, accidental keystroke.

    The only free option I have found so far is FreeUndelete
  14. taco

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  15. taco

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    And one more free file recovery utility: Restoration
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