Red Alert 2 LAN Game Problem

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Jan 23, 2007
  1. Hi guys, havin problems setting up a LAN game of Commans & Conquer Red Alert 2, wondering if anyone can please help me figure stuff out. I dont know ALOT about computers but i can follow directions haha, so if anyone would be kind enough to help id appreciate it.

    I Have 2 Deskyop PC's Runing Windows XP Pro. They Are Connected With A D-Link Di-524 Wirless Router. My 1st PC Is Connected With A LAN Cable To The Router And The 2nd Is Connected Wirelessly. Where im at right now is i can access the network area of the game but i dont see the other computer in the "lobby". I read up on it abit and i installed IPX/SPX on both computers, and made sure file sharing was enabled aswell as it had had been reccomended. I Also Exited my firewalls on both computers just to be sure that wasnt the problem, yet it still wont work. Any Ideas?
  2. sidewinder1017

    sidewinder1017 TS Rookie

    red alert2 lan game

    need help on red alert 2 lan game. so far i've installed ipx for both pc's, checked and matched mac and network card addresses through cmd then ipconfig/all in dos mode. enabled/disabled the firewall, ticked boxes for file sharing for both pc's, tested for network integrity using dxdiag, assigned static ip addresses for both pc's. both pc's directx are 9.0b. i can no longer think of any other workaround for this. i just can't make the game work for both pc's. can't see the other player in the game lobby neither can i create nor join a game but using pc1 i came to a page where i saw a button that says 'observe' which i didn't see using pc2. anybody, pls advice. tnx much. cheers!
  3. Kserijaro

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    OMG!Both of u!Ur network connections are not problem here.Do u usse legal original C&C RA2?If so u need two different originals therefore using cracked versions only need different cd keys.But all the sidewinder1017 said is correct.All this is needed to be done.So check game versions(updates,engines,exes) and legality of software and i think it should fix the problem.And if that doeasnt help,u need to use VLAN programs,that work on any game type(original and cracked).Folow link to see:
    This gives u lan over internet.It is free and fast.U need to follow directions(LOL)to set it up.U can create own networks and neccesery passwords.GG and c ya!
  4. sidewinder1017

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    Red Alert 2 Problem

    dude, Kserijaro has posted a correspondence. I'm having the same problem as you. I've got all things setup including ipx, dxdiag network test and whathaveyous about my LAN. I can go as far as creating a game but can't see the other player or join a game. I went to a pc store and I was told that in order for the game to be played in both pc's there should be two C&C RA2 cd's having 2 different cd keys. Kserijaro has confirmed what the guy from the pc store had said. I'm glad there are always people around willing to help. thanks to Kserijaro. I'm also glad I found this website. Cheers!
  5. so4thnsolong

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    Not so sure about that

    Not to burst any bubbles but, I copied the CNCTFD to my External Hard drive, and installed it there, as well as installing it on my laptop. I can run it on my home network and play just fine even though they both have the same key. I am having a problem doing it over Hamachi though. I haven't figured that one out yet. If you know anything let me know.
  6. Kserijaro

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    Believe me-u were just lucky.There is no problem on hamachi when using difent cd keys....So,u should check IP adresses that have been given,there are cases of miss synchronisation-which leads to not seeing other pc :(
  7. Rolfman

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    i dont think that game uses IP adresses

    i just registred the MAC adresses of every computer to target each other.
  8. Freundschaft

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    there is a solution for all IPX issues with RA2
    look here
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