Redbox is pivoting, launches a free live TV streaming service

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Redbox, the video and game rental kiosk company best known for serving as the stepping stone between traditional video rental stores and Internet-based streaming, is pivoting.

The kiosk operator in December confirmed it was exiting the video game rental business, going so far as to launch a fire sale to help clear out inventory. Most suspected Redbox could take one of two paths going forward – slowly shut down shop altogether or somehow modernize its business – and it would seem as though the company is indeed doing the latter.

Redbox has launched a free live TV streaming service on its website and through the Redbox app. Appropriately named Free Live TV, the service is an aggregator of sorts that offers free programming from dozens of channels and brands including TMZ, USA Today and FailArmy. Content is also sorted into categories like Comedy, World & National News and Featured Favorites, just to name a few.

Sony shut down its PlayStation Vue streaming service last month, creating an opening that someone else could easily fill. And with Redbox’s early success, the company has proven it has what it takes to launch and sustain a successful product. Could this be the firm’s next big play?

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This sounds like a mistake, there are many "streamer" services but there is only one Redbox.
Those things have a load of customers , how does it not make money?


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My local library still has a better selection of DVD/BR/UHD-BR video and games than Redbox and they get new releases at about the same time. The library is also far cheaper to use. I was a Redbox user until a friend reminded me that the library is also an excellent source of movies/TV and has been for years - even way back in VHS days. The switch from Redbox to the library was a no-brainer for me.

To me, it sounds like Redbox is having trouble competing. I wonder how long they will last.
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It won't be long and the only affordable TV will be over the air with commercials for Feen A Mint


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At this point, there's so much crap with the cost of add-on services, and others that used to not have commercials and auto-playing junk that now have it. There are also tons of streaming services and free TV already. I have no plans to add yet another paid for service, and while this new service looks like it's free, it offers nothing I'm not already getting elsewhere.


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IMDb has free streaming. Memento, Donnie Darko, Boondock Saints, NightCrawler, Snatch, Starship Troopers, A few good men, Chappie etc. Fringe?(never seen it)

And if you have a library near by, it's like a free blockbuster...