Redbox to launch video streaming service in 2011


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Well because im in Germany I normally don't have access to this type of thing. However i recently set up a VPN so I can use services like this and im amazed at the section netflix has. Glad to see some more coming in the future.


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Canada's bandwith is 95% Netfilx O.o....i thought i could throw that in...anywho not sure than someone already loyal to netfilx would swtich over....i doubt they can beat the price netfilx has to offer....the online netfilx is pretty sweat and they are switching over pretty quickly..


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95%...Nothing better to do on line in Canada than watch movies?

Personally I don't think that users will likely switch from Netflix to Redbox for quite some time. Just as it took Netflix a long time to get their quantity of movies, I'm sure it will take Redbox quite a while as well. It's not going to flip a switch overnight and have the same, or better, content.


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Redbox has such a solid business, its only a matter of time before redbox starts to take over the movie rental business. In my city 5 years ago there use to be 6 movie rental companies, most of which were chains. Now only two exist, Family video and redbox.


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Netflix isn't available in my country, maybe Redbox will consider integrating their services here.. hmm


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didnt know about redbox til i saw my roommate come home with dvds from them all the time. I definitely know more people with netflix, but I SEE rebox around me on campus much more... they should be able to keep with netflix, me thinks


Well if Redbox is going to do it, they better plan their attack well. I can tell you that I love Netflix but there are a few things I wish they'd change, which they haven't in a while, but they're not deal breakers. For being as busy as they are, they offer pretty damn good service for what you pay. I've never really had a problem streaming movies over my Roku box and I've had them for about 2 years now. That's pretty impressive. It's usually the box that you're using to stream with that gives you problems or your internet connection.
I have been a redbox user for a while now and it's great because you can't rent a movie anywhere else for $1.00! My local redbox now also offers blu-ray rentals and has just begun renting video games as well. I have never had any issues with their movies and service. If they enter the streaming market I would be willing to join if they have the lowest price and still offer quality service. I have not joined netflix yet because I can not guarantee how often I will watch movies so I'm not interested in a subscription service. If I would get unlimited streaming and 4 rentals for 3.95 a month I'd be sold.


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I'd definitely get in on that kind of a deal. I love netflix, but only end up having time for one movie a week anyway so the 4/mo for less than half the price would definitely be appealing.


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Netflix is nice but there's not every single series because of licensing issue. Canadians residents can't watch particular american TV show and vice-versa.


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Sounds like a great idea to me. I'm not a netflix subscriber yet, just haven't had the time recently but have been batting around the idea. Another option is something I wouldn't complain about :D.


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I would like to see this, as long as the streaming quality is good. It should also help lower the price for Netflix, which while not outrageous, has about doubled in the last few years.


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The only way I see this becoming a competition is if Redbox can somehow out negotiate Netflix for new release streaming rights...


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3.95 a month for unlimited video streaming & four dvd rentals is a very nice sounding deal. however, if their video streaming content, not to mention the speed of the service, is nothing to speak of then i would not go for it. you can rent a redbox movie currently for 1.09 per night. i wonder if they will charge late fees for returning the dvd rentals even for subscribers of the service? i'm currently using netflix for $9 a month. my personal favorite of the netflix service is that you can watch all of your tv series on their. i love the office :)


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This will be really cool. Its also good if Netflix gets good competitor. Its win win situation for consumer. If Redbox comes up with this plan and they have good titles to watch online .. Definitely i would like it to try..


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These people are very shrewd at business. They have killed Blockbuster. I work retail and on a Friday night the line for our Redbox gets really ridiculous. I've seen people wait for almost an hour. When they get into streaming, it's gonna be war between them and Netflix. If they can get the deals for tie-ins that Netflix has, they're gonna KILL...