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It seemed to me that April was the last month where support would be available for RedHat Linux 9 ( support for previous versions having been dropped since last year I believe ).

If upon installing RedHat 9, I create a new account for RedHat network, I can still get updates via up2date ( if the account type is set to "demo" ).

I'm not complaining or anything as I find up2date to be a very usefull tool & the longer I can get it to work the better.:grinthumb

Am I missing something here ? I would've guessed that dropping for RedHat Linux support meant that no newer custom packages from RedHat would be available for RHL users who do not pay a subscription.


Bowtie extraordinair!
I think they read my post.:dead:

Dear Red Hat Linux user;

In accordance with our errata support policy, our final Red Hat Linux
distribution, Red Hat Linux 9, has now reached end-of-life for errata
maintenance. This means that as of May 1, 2004 we will not be
producing new security, bugfix, or enhancement updates for this

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of the options
available to you for migrating your Red Hat Linux implementations.

For businesses, governments, or those looking for a stable Linux that
provides updates and support for up to 5 years: try Red Hat Enterprise
Linux - including Red Hat's newest member of the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux family: Red Hat Desktop.

Red Hat Desktop provides a high-quality, full-featured client system
suitable for coporate deployments requiring secure, manageable and
stable desktop solution. Learn more at

For developers or technology enthusiasts looking to contribute to
new Linux and open source technology developments: try the Fedora

Use the Red Hat Linux Migration Resource Center to find the Red Hat
solution best suited for your needs:

The errata support policy, as well as our current errata and
advisories, are available from

--the Red Hat Network Team
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