By BillAllen55
May 29, 2008
  1. Hello,
    I have used computers for a long time now. They are terrific when they do as they are supposed to do. But when push comes to shove it seems the computer always wins.........

    I'm new to the 'threading thing' but after contacting MSN support and discovering how little they are interested in giving competent support I thought I would give you folks a try.

    I'm trying to rid my registry of uninstalled program keys. I should say this information came from a website instructing that one can rid the registry of the uninstall keys by simply going to this area of the registry and deleting these keys. After backing up my registry I did the following:
    I went to the appropriate listing Hkey_local_Machine-Software-Microsoft-Windows-Current Version-uninstall.
    From there I deleted the uninstall listings. Rebooted my machine. When checking my 'Add Remove Program' llisting, It would not allow me to remove a program. There was no "Remove or change Button" For that reason I went back to the back up files of the registry and now am back to square one. After restoring the uninstall keys the add remove program works fine. But now am back to have the uninstall keys back in my registry that I spent time removing.
    Can anyone help?
  2. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Hi BillAllen55,

    Welcome to Techspot!

    I hope you find what you are looking for, and don't hesitate to ask questions. The easiest way I have found to do this is using a free program called CCleaner. Click on the registry icon then scan, it will find keys that point to uninstalled programs.


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