Referenced Memory error

By Rhamatar
Jun 3, 2007
  1. Hello people. I am a neophyte to this forum and I'm hoping that someone knows how to address my problem. I have installed a sp1 windows os and I encountered an error when trying to switch user or log off. An error pops out saying

    "0x269e7875" reference memory, the memory cannot be read.

    Hope someone can suggest on any steps to be done to solve my problem. I can't switch from one user to another without restarting. And I need to save all my works if ever I want to switch to another user. I am very much bothered by this problem since I'm an educator and needs to do alot of office works. And this error just keeps bugging me.
  2. rania

    rania TS Rookie

    Hello People. i too am new here. I am facing somewhat the same application error. i get it whenever i try to write my CD/DVD with Sonic.
    the error is:
    THe intruction at "0x7c911e58" reference at "0x00000000". the memory cannot be "read".

    please help me out.
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