Reformating hard drive error

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Im sorry if this is in the wrong forums...

Im trying to reformat my hard drive, I downloaded a file off a microsoft site and made 6 boot disks, when asked to put in my second disk, i hit enter and gives me an error that says unable to open file ntkrnlmp.exe error code 7....

anyone know what this means?
And is there another way of reformating?



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You can also use fdisk to format your harddrive.
If you go to your floppy drive, and right click on it. and choose format.
then click on the box that says startup disk (or something like that) then it'll create a way for you to format.
What will happen is restart your comp, then make sure it loads from the floppy drive. you'll see a screen that loads files, then jus follow the instructions. pay attention though, kinda tricky.

Have you tried using a different comp, to format?

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If you're going to boot from an winXP cd, which I recommend. Make sure you enable it in the BIOS boot sequence. Put it before your HDD. then go to the format option... and youre on your way. Otherwise, use the floppy boot disk you made in windows. and use FDISK to format.. You have to add it to the disk. Just search the net for some info on these things..
try here
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