Reformatted, how do I reset my activation code ?

By fnugen
Jan 29, 2005
  1. Okay, I did a reformat and reinstalled XP home. Since I have already gone through the activation when I orignally installed my windows, how do I inform them it isn't pirated but a reformat ?? I can find no 1-800 number in my little booklet I got with the CD. (CDN btw) I don't want to have to keep reformatting/reinstalling every 30 days to use the PC. I purchased the CD legally and all, so I am not looking for a way around it, just how do I do this?? I've searched the MS website and either I am using the wrong search wording, or there is nothing there to help because I found nothing. Hoping someone here can help me within my 30 day grace period. thanks all.

  2. gbhall

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    Product activation key

    This URL tells you about a hacker software product which will reveal the key - but you must be careful of the possible/probable visus in it ! Never used it myself, so own risk only, and I hope you are telling the truth !
  3. fnugen

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    Hey thanks. Actually all is fine. I didn't bother to click on the 30day warning icon. I did, it gave me a number to call and the install ID. Called it, told them I reformatted and they gave me a new number, VOILA, all is fine. Sooooo, guess from now on I may try to read the warnings rather than just pass it off as blah blah.............thanks again for giving a hand though.

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