Refurbished Warrenty

By Ashman
Feb 21, 2005
  1. ibm laptop help!! I am new but I know a lot about pc's A+ certified and studing for others. anyway i took the cheap way out and brought a refurbished laptop with a three month wanrranty however it just went dead( and it has not been a month yet) and i can not fine my receipt i got it from jr and i am not sure if i can bring it aback there or do i have to send it to ibm. it started with a screen problem and now it just will not turn on with ac or battery power am about to fip my top. i am at work will i get home i will turn my house over looking for the receipt and then i will call jr and ibm but i think they are going to give me the run around or just say i am A** out. If anyone knows how i can do to fix it myself please let me know thank you.
  2. AnySupreme

    AnySupreme TS Rookie Posts: 24

    first thing i would tell you to do is check your battery...maybe you might have it plugged in...but it's not getting any charge...which happens alot with laptops...try seeing if you can get some sort of external charger for your battery..or borrow one from someone with a similar laptop...just for test purposes...if it's not the plug and/or could be the processor, board, memory...a bunch of other things...laptops suck because you can't just replace parts easily like nothing...try taking it back...tell them when you bought it...they should have some record....and also the serial number of your laptop....good luck...
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