Regedit and Taskmgr not working!!!

By kjuke
Apr 9, 2006
  1. I have been unable to use ctrl+alt+del to get to taskmgr and I have tried the taskmgr.exe also. Nothing brings it up. i also noticed that regedit would not work. It says the file is currently being used by another program. I followed the directions on removing viruses and maleware on this site.
    Safe mode- ran AVG virus scan rebooted
    Safe mode- ran Adaware rebooted
    Safe mode- ran ewido and ccleaner rebooted
    Normal mode- ran HijackThis
    I have attached the log file in .txt format for your recommendations. The above cleaned a lot of viruses and maleware but I want to make sure that it is all gone.

    i realized that I had a problem first because AutoGK would not work. Parsing Error on Input File. Maybe after all this is done this will work also.

    Thanks in advance for any assitance,

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  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    First read: What to do about task manager problems. But obviously you have been trashed by malware!

    You log seems clean as far as "bad" programs go. But there is plenty you could remove that may not be necessary,
    I see you have all manor of Symantec stuff on there along with AVG. This isn't good either. Which one is your current and up to date AV? You don't want two AVs running at the same time. Most here would say get rid of Symantec alltogether and stick with AVG.

    Next, don't reboot after running each scan in safe mode. STAY in Safe Mode and run EVERY scan, clean everything, and then try rebooting.
    If you go in Safe Mode with Networking, you should be able to get online and run yet another virus scan from or
    Run adaware, spybot and ewido all in safe mode.
    Turn off System Restore
    Run crap cleaner (

    And with the threads mentioned above in that link, hopefully you'll get back in business.

    good luck
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