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Apr 14, 2004
  1. i use windows XP home edition with service pack 1 . Lately quite often when i boot up my computer and i get a windows registry error . below is what the message says .

    windows-registry recovery
    one of the files containing the system registry data had to be recovered due to the use of a log or alternative copy . recovery was succesful.

    any ideas what is causing this?? , can i find out what file is causing it anyway??
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Do you do your PC-maintenance faithfully? Like first running CHKDSK and then defrag (at least once a month, better every week)?
  3. gingerbill

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    i didnt no , didn run it for about 5 months (defrag) . think all this problem started when i installed new nvidia drivers , but cant be sure . have gone back to old drivers (using detonator RIP) . might be nothing to do with nvidia drivers . I was hoping there was a log or text file that might tell me which file is causing the problems . think i might just re-install windows :(
  4. bullet

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    Problem solved

    i also had this problem "One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by the use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was succesful" -> the problem is in the userprofile. When this user logs on to another machine the problem stays. => give the user a new profile and the problem is solved
  5. wurms

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    This problem has also been associated with faulty Ram, so try swapping out Ram before you format your HD or do anything to drastic. I had this problem with one of the computers here at work and thought it was an OS issue. After imaging the HD from a computer that was clean the problem still popped up telling me it's hardware related. I swapped out the ram and it was fixed.
  6. and4e

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    I was having the same problem in XP pro SP2, I did a thorough chkdsk scan and it fixed the problem. I guess my HD is getting old...

    update: My computer froze again and now I get three of the same error message when Windows boots up... 2 before choosing a user, and one that is user specific. chkdsk didn't fix this one, neither did swapping ram or anything like that. I think I'll try repairing my windows install, if that doesn't work I might have to reformat...
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