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Mar 22, 2007
  1. Hi there techies :)

    have a rather simple question. i want every time my xp system starts-up to load a specific configured registry that i have been "optimizing" for the past few days.
    You may ask why i want this. well its simple, i tend to do a million things in a second on the pc and i always install unwanted stuff to test them. hence to my experience some leave dirty entries in the registry along with files, so i want to eliminate this all in once.
    Also i have notice that the registry becomes fragmented during this period, so I think having a standard template saved for a registry to load can help a bit to optimize my systems life-cycle (rather than having to re-install all from scratch every 6months).
    Anyhow is there a simple way of doing this in an automated fashion with a batch/script? Any advice/pointers?

  2. Po`Girl

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    Before I answer the question,I`d just like point out these things -

    System Restore saves a copy of the registry,with every restore point.

    If you go back to that restore point,you go back to that registry.

    CCleaner or RegscrubXP will clean up any junk.

    Registry fragmentation has a very very marginal effect on performance.

    A good defragger like Diskeeper will keep it good.

    Now an answer of sorts -

    "If you want to back up the Registry, one easy way to do this is to use the NTBACKUP application.

    This tool is installed by default in XP Pro, but can be installed from the VALUEADDMSFTNTBACKUP

    folder on the XP Home installation CD.

    If you check the "System State" box when performing a backup, a copy of the Registry

    will be backed up along with the rest of your system."

    From HERE Another good page HERE
  3. mke

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    hi and thanks for the reply.

    however this is not what am after. maybe i didnt express myself correctly.
    I backup my registry manually using nothing but regedit. dont trust any app to fix/clean my reg, i preffer manual hand made work :)

    As i tend to install many different vst apps every day i need a type of script to load on every startup the registry that i have saved. in case i make changes to the system i will be e.g. keeping the new apps/dlls and creating a new registry to load on startup.

    thanks again.
  4. Nodsu

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    If you load a .REG file created by regedit, then it will only add or overwrite the described entries. It will not remove any rubbish you have put in the registry. The only way to get rid of any extra stuff is to restore an earlier backup of the registry or use some special registry monitoring software that logs any changes and lets you undo them.
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Sounds like the easiest option would be to backup your partition and restore that.

    But if you want to use scripts, XP has reg command that can be used to add/delete registry keys and values.
  6. mke

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    thanks for the replies. my main ideas is to use a script to restore an earlier backup of my registry that i have made, so the script on every restart would load that old saved registry.
    is that possible? withough the use of any other software? just script and reg?

    any ideas/pointers how?
  7. gbhall

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    you could run regsvr32 something.reg

    Create a batch file having the line REGSRVR32 someorother.reg and have it run in the startup folder. That would cause the registry commands in someorother.reg to be merged with the existing registry. Also Nodsu's point is very true - it would not remove additional rubbish.

    Note it would be foolish to replace more than a small portion of the registry, so this is not a solution if you are looking to completely replace the registry on each boot. You could not actually do this, as the registry is already open when Windows starts; it is too late. What you are looking for is something that happens before Windows starts, and I suspect it is possible using some of the multi-boot managers on the market.

    That said, it sounds a bit of a bee-in-the-bonnet idea - please don't be offended ! I do understand what you are trying to do, and indeed, why. I think an earlier post recommending system restore, along with a bit of careful note-making about what is in each incarnation of the registry, should possibly be all you need.
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