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Jan 16, 2006
  1. After a recent battle with several virus I downloaded RegRun Security Suite (Platinum) to assist in the battle. It appears to be very comprehensive but I don't see many accolades attributed to this product on TS.

    Anyone have previous or current experience with this product? Is it worth a purchase?


  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Stop messing with that PC. Registry-fixing will NOT restore any messed up DLLs and EXEs.
    Put the infected/disrupted HD as slave in another working PC and do the antivirus/spyware/etc checks there. Then save your personal files, before you FULLY wipe that HD.
  3. PFJ

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    Good advice RBS - but too late! I think I've really done it this time.

    I got rid of all the nasty stuff; malware, spyware, virus' etc. The workstation has two HD's - C & D drive. THe win2000 Pro NT OS (upgraded at some time to SP4) was on the C drive FAT32 system (Dell Optiplex GX240). I kept my daily work stored on the D drive. I installed the original disk and tried to repair the missing DLL files - no luck. I then had a brain wave (THAWT!) - why not use the D drive and a fresh install there and when I'm at it make it NTFS.

    Now it won't accept the admin password or my original log on password.

    Is it possible for me to undo the damage? Are all my file & folders with two years of data lost on the D drive?

    I'd appreciate any advise offered (please do not castigate - I'm very sensitive!)

    Best Regards
    PFJ (19 handicapper)
  4. ru_ready

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    If you went from fat32 to NTFS and it wont let you back in... you could be hooped, unless your good at dos and you go to hxz sites to get the code for bypassing the log on NTFS, it can be done, do i reccomend this? not overly, unfortuanately NTFS is unforgiving. one thing i am a bit lost on thou... you said you went to NTFS on the D... in other words.... what drive are you useing as master? if you just converted a slave to NTFS you may be able to repair... or did you reformat the drive? your prognoisis is sketchy....

  5. PFJ

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    Hi ru_ready,

    thank you for responding. I appreciate that.

    eventually the only recourse I had was to format both drives to do sure that the virus was eliminated. My PC (WIN2kPro) is attached to a server here in the company. NAV Corp is on the server and it sends updates to my PC but somehow the W32.Wisf and W32.Honk.A. got through - perhaps the other AV (Ewido & mocrsoft Anti-malware & Sygate [firewall]) I downloaded myself didn't help.

    Best Regards

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