reinstalling xp questions.

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Jun 10, 2006
  1. ok. i need to reinstall xp on a friends computer. he has the windows xp home edition sp1 key. i only have the windows xp sp2 disk. will it still work? can someone point me in the right direction for installing the raid hd? i downloaded the controller from msi. the mobo is a msi 845 ultra. do i put the file as is on a floppy? or do i have to extract it, and then put all the files on a floppy? any help would be great. thanks
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    can some one please help me install the raid controller for a Promise FastTrak133 RAID controller. i push f6 when it goes to the windows screen. i put in the floppy with all the files extracted from the fasttrak1333d.exe. i put all those files in the root of the floppy. i hit enter. and the same message appears. to insert disk labeled "Manufacturer-supplied hardware suppot disk" do i really have to have the floppy labeled that? what files am i supposed to have in the root? please someone help. and even about the sp1 and 2 codes.. thanks
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    I can only answer the key question...No it won't work. You need the SP2 key.
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    No u don't have to label it..
    Copy only what u have in extracted xp folder fasttrakk.inf etc to floppy root
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    Only the txtsetup file and the disk1 file go in the root directory, the driver files go in their own directory which has to match the txtsetup file.

    Open the txtsetup file with notepad and look for the xp folder under [Disks] e.g. d4 = "ALi SATA RAID Controller Driver Diskette", \Disk1, \win_xp. This means the driver files for mine have to be in a folder labeled win_xp.
  6. dae_amp_ika_dtp

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    thanks for all your help. i succesfully installed windows. i used my windows xp sp2 disk and it worked with the sp1 key that he had on his tower. i activated windows. everything works fine. thank you
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