reloading whilst booting up

By im_nobinarycode
May 29, 2007
  1. hi there,
    this is my first time on here and i am not very computer literate but here goes...

    basically, my computer's slow and it was taking ages to log off last night so i used the power button to switch it off. When i went to start it up this morning, in went into the normal mode of checking the c drive to make sure everything was ok, came back with no problems...then as it went onto the windows xp screen it rebooted and then another window came up with a message about an unsuccessful loading that maybe due to newly installed hard or software...neither of which i have installed. it then gave me an option to load normally or to go to the the last configuration (depending on if it was a power cut etc or you have no idea).. and then it just reboots again after selecting either option.

    i'm assuming its a virus....

    but could anybody offer any help as to get past this as i'd like to access my hard drive again!!!

    thanks guys!!!!
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