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Dec 9, 2005
  1. I'm trying enabling remote access on machines and sent out a remote assistance invitation, I can connect but it's in view only mode, how do I change it so that I can interact with the session?
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    On the machines you want to control.

    Go to Remote, click on the Advanced tab and make sure you tick 'Allow this computer to be controlled remotely.

    dunno if this will help
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    Thanks, I've got that far so far, I can access the pc via remote access but xp then kicks the user off, I want to be able to send out a remote assitance invitation so I can log on and the user can view what is being done, pretty much like VNC. except if I send out a remote invitation and respond to it I can only view the session not interact so I end up having to talk the user through it. Any other suggestion. Thanks
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  5. meatologist

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    The only way to do that is to have the login username and password of the user that you are connecting to.

    VNC just opens a port on the remote machine, whereas XP Remote Connection actually creates a new session in the Explorer shell.

    Basically - you will have to get the username and password to be able to control that session.

    Just use VNC! or Dameware - Dameware doesnt require the remote machine to have the application installed... it installs (and de-installs) the service ad-hoc.
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