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Feb 18, 2005
  1. hi all.. i got a problem.. i need help regarding connection computer in two different places ( dist in btw is 1000 kilometres)... i want to access my computer whihc is 1000 kilometres away and get some files.. which all way can i do it??

    i need to know which software would help me in splitting a 1000Gb file into 1000 1MB file.. and then convert it back to normal..

    all kind of suggestions welcomed...

    dont think it is hacking... it is my own computer.. i have practical difficulty in bringing it down to he place where i am put up...

    both my computers are connected to internet via broadband..

    comeon all brains join in and help me out.. please
  2. Nodsu

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    Let's assume you are running Windows there..

    First, you absolutely need administrative access to your old computer. I suppose you have to call and ask someone to install stuff.

    The neat way:
    Install UltraVNC or Radmin on your old computer. Setup your firewall to let VNC or Radmin through.

    Install UVNC or Radmin client on your "new" computer. Connect to your old computer. UVNC and Radmin support remote desktop and file transfers so you can do whatever you want.

    You can split/join files with anything you want, including notepad.. The most accessible method is to just compress it with WinRAR into 1MB chunks I suppose.
  3. catherine

    catherine TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well yeah.. windows.. yeahi am using windows.. on my new machine it is win 2000 and on my machine at home (old it is win 98 second edition..

    well.. i wasnt talking abt compression tools like RaR.. i wanted splitters that would cut the file inot lot of small bits.. such that i can transfer them across the internet from my old pc...
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Are you sure about the file sizes? They look rather exorbitant to me!
    For starters, your W98 PC cannot even handle files of that size!
    And I doubt very much that you have that much HD-capacity on such an ancient machine!
    Realistic figures please!
    If you had broadband, you would not need 1MB chunks either!
    It's too early for Aprilfool's day....
  5. catherine

    catherine TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh my.. i just extreme figures but i was only only to the practical possible answer.. just to know what would be the best in the current techno scenario..

    my old pc has got 20 gb and 1 gb file is nothing but lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring movie.. hehe

    ok... what i understand is .. win RaR is the best stuff..

    another doubt.. what is the difference btw a broadband connection and dsl connection?? which is better of the two if their speed is 40 kbps each
  6. Nodsu

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    DSL is a kind of broadband connection. Other broadband options may include cable or ATM or FDDI or whatever. Usually "broadband" just means "faster than 256kbps"

    WinRAR is just the most common program that can do file splitting and it is reliable in the sense that it can detect if the chunks have become corrupt during the transfer.
    If you use WinRAR, tell it not to try to compress the movie though - it will be just a waste of time.
  7. Samstoned

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  8. SNGX1275

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    dsl is a type of broadband connection. generally speaking broadband is anything above dial up modem speeds.
  9. tom_pearson

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    if you really wanted to set up something that enabled you to access files from that far away and you had broadband on both systems, you could set up a webserver from one machine (e.g. install apache). This way you would be able to put an address into your web browser (i.e. internet explorer) for example:, then it would bring up all the files that you wanted shared over the internet. Although on a Windows based system it isnt the safest of options but it's what I have done on my Linux system. Also it's probably a little far fetched!


    P.S. I was also baffled about the size of the file 1000GB!!!! I wudnt even bother sending it across the net
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