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Jun 30, 2005
  1. OK... I have a laptop. I also have a Desktop. My laptop is good, but it is laking on the harddrive memory. So remote desktop would be great(if i could get it to work) for me and my work. I need to be able to access programs and system files but i can't have everything with me at once. And sometimes I forget txt. docs that i need for presentations. So theres the lowdown. now my issuses.

    I run win. xp. so i tried the self explanatory part by useing the help feature. well it was to vague on the technicle stuff. It made it seem to easy. I'm sure it is. I tried typing in the computer name. it didn't work. I turned off all the firewall security possible that is on both comps.. I went into the windows personal firewall settings and told it to allow remote access. After many tries i finnally got a response from my laptop not saying it wasn't valid or not a known server that great stuff, it said that "the remote computer has ended the connection". so i'm close, but not close enough.
    I have a second question. for whom is willing to answer me. I got my shared files working and my shared printer, does that me i can access my shared files were ever. essentially like remote deaktop?
    I try to learn as much as i can from what other people tell me and what I see. so i'm willing to learn if your willing to teach it. The help is greatly appreciated. :blackeye:
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    one more thing.

    If i can figure out what my computers IP's are then i think that would work better, but all i know how to find is the name of it, which i give them. I know there is a way to do it.
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    I like the icon. had to look at it for a few seonds to make sure thats what it was. sweet. Thanks for the help. I'm looking into it right now.
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    I hate this

    Well. I figured out why it wasn't working. Both of my computers have microsoft home edition on them . i at least professional on one of them for it to work.
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    Time to install VNC.. I recommend UltraVNC or TightVNC
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