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Apr 1, 2006
  1. I have several PC on a network. Remotely, I want to be able to do a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to any of the computers on my small network. But I've only been able to target a single PC throught the port forwarding configuration on the Linksys router. I found an article in MS that explains how to change the port on the other computer to a different port number, say 3390. I did that, then I added a second port forwarding address to the router, then restarted the computer, then tried to RDC to it again, using ip address:3390. That didnt work. It seems to only work with port 3389. Can somebody help me out on this one? Will VPN work? What other ways can I accomplish this task. Thanks in advance

  2. Jimbo420

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    I would lookin to TightVNC. It is a Remote contrl program that you don't need do to all the port forwarding for all the computers in your network. Just need their internal IP addresses.
  3. Samstoned

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    xp pro has remoting built in
    try looking at your firewall config it may be blocking you
    if its set in router that port is open
    make sure both ip address's use it
    I have played with radmin it worked pretty good
    works better on gigabit connection
    if using cheap nics you will have problems
    I opted for KVM system if you are too far away however the cheapest thing is xp remote or radmin I never got vnc to work
  4. OGGBoy

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    thank you

    Hey Jimbo, how does TightVNC compare to RealVNC? I've used RealVNC with other clients before, but this one insists on using the built in Remote Desktop Connenction instead.
  5. Jimbo420

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    Not sure never used RealVNC Only this TightVNC.
  6. Samstoned

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    if on a lan net I don't think you need to assign a port number in router
    it already uses the internal ip's as trusted????
    no comment about xp remote sodtware ,don't like it??????????
    any of you use radmin ?????
  7. OGGBoy

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    Hey buddy, you are right about RDC from within a LAN in that a port number is not needed. To RDC into another computer on the LAN I simply type the local IP address ( for example) and it works. But if if RDC from an external location, then the router's port would need to be configured, and unfortunately with MS RDC, I've been able to target only a single computer.

    Because of limitations like that, I don't care for RDC -- like you. I also don't like how it appears to log off the machine being remoted into. If I'm walking a client through an issue they wouldn't be able to see what I'm doing on the computer.

    How do you think radmin compare to the other products we talked about so far?
  8. Jimbo420

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    If you are talking about getting in externally then you would have to do all that port stuff with TightVNC also, and then remember what port number when to which computer. When when you were trying to log in from the outside world it would look something like this Of cource depending on your IP address and port number assigned. and that would be just one computer then you would need to know the port number for a different computer.

    Although if you used Dynamic DNS on the machines then you could get around that problem.
  9. Samstoned

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    not sure how to get around multi lan with one wan ip and yes outside the lan or on wan you need a port number assigned
    radmin was a little more stable than xp remoting
    with only one ip address from isp there would maybe be one one and that is port forward each pc would be assigned a diff port address same ip address with diff port and forward to the internal lan ip address
    like if you where on
    you would use and forward to 192.168.100:5050
    and so on making 192.168.101:5051 the next forward from
    that might work
  10. namyar

    namyar TS Rookie

    1. You have to setup a static IP address to that computer. like
    2. Go to your firewall settings, click on the "Add port" botton. Then you can name it RDP2 and port number 3390.
    3. Now you need to make sure that you have changed the remote desktop listening port in your computer to 3390.
    4. Point the port 3390 in you router to the Static IP:
    5. For testing it: go to a different computer on your local network and type the static IP of that cmputer plus the port number in this format:
    6. If you have already obtained a static IP from your ISP for eample: then the above number is going to be
    I have done this many times and works great!
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