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Jun 26, 2006
  1. Hi could somebody please explain remote desktop to me when you have a router as i am going to buy a router ASAP (student life - always skint) but i know that its different and i heard from a friend that it has something to do with a demilitarised zone? is this correct? because i do not want to buy a router where it would be incapable of allowing me to access it with remote desktop

    Thnx all!

    Your friendly neighbourhood samputer
  2. Peddant

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    You need to forward ports 3389 and 80.Not DMZ.More HEREand HERE
  3. Samputer

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    right ok thanx will do that - but can any router do that?

  4. tipstir

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    If you want to Remote from PC to PC over the internet then get your hands on Ultra VNC and it's free tool. That installs on both PCs. You can be at a friends house who has wireless network and say your laptop had it. You then could connect to your home over the internet and remote in.

    So you need:

    Ultra VNC
    Java Client
    Setup a account for your IP it gives you a

    well you can use anything they have in their drop down list for your ip.
    The way to connect would be like this:

    In your browser: type:

    In your router you would forward ports to 5800 to the PC on your network or home PC IP address.

    Well this is another way you can do it on the cheap it does work great. I've tried it on ship I was out at sea using ship wireless to SAT Dish then back to my home network I must say it work great~!
  5. Peddant

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    About 97.3% of them:).Anything by Linksys Netgear,D-link,3Com etc..

    Another useful link HERE
  6. Samputer

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    WOW on a ship!!! thats amazin, ok will do that i rekon, thanx for both of ur help!!!!

  7. Samputer

    Samputer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    nd sorry, peddant, just seen that link as well seems v handy thanx for that too!
  8. LNCPapa

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    I don't think you need to open port 80 for RDS or VNC - and most people use the default listen server port of 5900 for VNC and only use 5800 for a VNC Web Server listen port.
  9. Liquidlen

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    Just a note !
    You might want to get a router with built in VPN endpoint. You can read up about it any of the companies mentioned above.
  10. Samstoned

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    I like radmin for remoting
    have seen others
    but xp has built in app remote software right
    I have used it a tad slow thats why I like radmin
    never did wan remoting so don't know if you need to use a dif port
    one would think you don't need to
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