Remotely connecting to a computer in my LAN without it being logged oFF? err. help

By Eleventeen
Aug 17, 2005
  1. Hi, you see, i need to connect to a computer in my LAN without IT being logged off. In other words, i am too lazy to walk the 30 feet to get there (no im not fat) BUT .. other people use it. Very confusing situation lets not concentrate on that right :bounce: . Anyway, i could always connect to the pc with it being logged off, simple, i just log onto it from mine with the user name and password . But, i need to do that without it being logged off ( i think i just said that 4 times now) because since other people use it, well.. it wouldnt be too helpful for them to have the laptop logged off all the time right? If they were on then i couldnt use it , and if i were on they couldnt use it. madness. anyway, just wondering if there is any way i could do this with the Remote Desktop Connection. Ive had friends who did it before i dont know if they used a different program or what and no, they are not totAl h4x00rss. So, any help would be appreciated :knock:
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