Removal of v/s/m ~ here are the logs attach

By jdnaf
Jan 18, 2008
  1. It's taken me three days, but I finally got through the steps of the removal prelimary process. Attached are the logs.

    1. Panda would not download, so I downloaded the AVG Antiroots kit instead, though I am on XP. It showed no roots, and ran really fast, just a few minutes. Is that normal? the AVast antivirus took every bit of 8 hours to run and AVG anyspyware took 3 hours.

    2. could not download 2 of the tools.

    3. Ad Aware 2007 (from the link) would not download. It kept saying there was a file missing or that it could not detect a file it needed ~

    4. The AVG log was very long, and won't allow me to attach due to size.

    Please advise on next steps (or where I messed up).
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