Removing my ASUS P4SD-LA Motherboard

By i33tph0 ยท 6 replies
Jul 25, 2007
  1. Recently I've been trying to upgrade my age old HP Media Center 876x. I've bought everything and got a new case for in it. I've taken out everything inside my old comp to my new case but I can't take out my mobo. I've taken 7 of the 8 screws the hold it down but the last one wont budge. It is the H7 one connected to a golden flat head nail on the other side of the panel. When i tried to screw the nail lose on the inside it just messed up the cross. I've tried everything but I can't get it out. I was hoping someone knows how to unscrew it because everybody else with this comp has no prob with it. Please Help.
  2. Hexon

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    A locked screw :/

    This is why you only screw your screws in until they are secure, not until they stop turning.

    My recommendation is a strong arm :/ I can't think of anything else
  3. i33tph0

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    thanks for the response but this thing wont even budge, i didn't completely ruin the cross and it is still screwable, and sorry if this is a stupid question but are you taking about strong arms or is that a repair supply? lol
  4. Hexon

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    Sorry, so you mean the screw is still turning but not going anywhere?

    Or not budging at all?
  5. i33tph0

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    not budging at all but is there any way to get this locked screw off?
  6. The only other option would be (if you have the space) would be to extremely carefully drill it out since you are not going to use that case anymore anyway. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller then the hole the scre sits in and drill straight down the center of the screw. Either the head of the screw will pop off or you will be able to manipulate it so you can get the board over it.
  7. mailpup

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    Are you using a #2 Phillips? You always use the largest screwdriver that will fit properly. Using one that is even one size smaller will tend to strip out the screw.

    In any case if you still can't unscrew it, I agree with tekkie that a good option is to drill it out. Of course, you use a drill bit for metal, not wood. Use a sharp bit and drill slow and easy. As a hobby I repair cars and trucks on weekends and have run into a few stripped fasteners. I use a mechanics length cobalt reverse bit to drill out stripped screws. Sometimes the reverse rotation action tends to bite into the metal and unscrew the fastener before I completely drill through.
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