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Jun 23, 2006
  1. Hi I have a p3 pc that has an administrator password on and the school that gave it to my neice on the last day gave her a password to log on as a student but I cant get in to set it up to go wireless it has windows 2000 pro on it and there is no wireless link in the control panel, but I cant make any changes until I get rid of that administrator password. I called them and they gave a username and password but it does not work and they are gone for the summer so does anyone have any suggestions you are my only hope.

  2. Vigilante

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    I guess you don't have ANY administrator user account you can get in to?

    Just for kicks, go into the account that you have, then click Start->Run and type control userpasswords and see if you get in to a panel where you can reset passwords.
    If the command doesn't work, it might be control userpasswords2 with a '2' on the end. XP uses the 2 but 2000 I don't think does. Try both.

    If that doesn't let you change passwords, there are DOS tools which let you erase the password. They are somewhat advanced, but the most popular is this:

    Be sure to read the page on how to do it. It runs on a boot floppy. Or boot CD for that matter, whichever you create.

    Good luck, let us know if you need more details.
  3. topkat690

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    I tried to download the file from the site that blanks the password but I guess I'm not doing it right because I am not getting any file when I unzip it.

    I can get into control panel but cannot get into the users file to delete the password for the admin. also do you know if windows2000 pro have a wireless link? I can't find in control panel
  4. Vigilante

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    Hmm, that's weird that the link didn't work. But I guess that isn't the first time I've seen it happen. I would just try again, I just downloaded the zip and it was right.

    Here is the direct link to the ISO for burning a CD with:

    And here is the floppy image creator:

    See if they work now. For the CD, unzip and you will get a single ISO file. Burn this to CD using your burning program like Nero or EZCD Creator. There is a few files in the floppy image, double-click the executable and it should write the files to a floppy disk.
    You MUST read the site on how to use the program, should you get it to work! It can sometimes look daunting, because of all the text and command line garbage, but it's really not that hard, as most (correct) options are automatically chosen.

    Next, you can't change the pass from the control panel, but did the commands I gave you work at all? Again, click Start and Run. Then try either control userpasswords2 or control userpasswords.
    This probably would only work from a user with admin privileges anyway.

    If you DO have admin privileges, you can probably check your own policies and change them yourself. In regedit, you can go to both:

    If you just browse those keys and subkeys, and look at the values on the right side, some policies are quite obvious. Such as "AllowRun" or "DesktopProperties" or similar, whatever. If they are set, then those are blocked. If you delete the policy entry, and then log off and on again, you will be free from it.

    Anyway, to much info for now. Try the run commands again, and try that program again. Oh, and 2000 doesn't have a built-in wireless program. You'll have to use the one from the manufacturer.

    Good luck
  5. topkat690

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    Thanks Vigilante I'm in the floppy worked I still could'nt get the cd to work but that's ok I was able to blank the old password.

  6. Vigilante

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    Good news. Glad it's up and going.
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