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Jan 28, 2008
  1. I have recently been trying to play an old game that was once a favorite of mine. It is called M.U.D.S. which stands for mean ugly dirty sport, for anyone who hasn't played it I highly recommend it. However there is a really irritating sound scheme with obnoxiously loud whistles and such that doesn't seem to be affected by the volume controls. I was wondering if anybody had some advice on either how to turn off this ancient sound scheme, or how to edit the sounds out of the program. Thanks.
  2. trollbasher

    trollbasher TS Rookie

    Have you looked for a sounds folder in the game folder ? if there is one try moving it to the desk top see if the game will work without it, if it does then just delete it.
  3. Is this game so old it doesn't have sound options? Otherwise i reckon you should start there :p
  4. Genieman

    Genieman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    as far as I can tell there are no in-game sound controls...
    Trollbasher I have found what I believe to be the sound files as a group of files that end with .s2p I am not posotive that these are only sound files but regardless without them the game won't work. I think if I could edit these files I might be able to do something so if anyone knows how I can read these files in a non-symbolic format that might help.
  5. mopar man

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    After a google search nothing came up. Is it actually part of the game? Do you think the sounds are just messed up? Did it do it when you originally played, or can you not remember?
  6. Genieman

    Genieman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the sounds have always been a part of the game, but it seems like the sounds are somehow running behind the scenes because even with headphones plugged in the sounds are playing loud and proud... I'm currently stumped
  7. If you're running Vista you can mute the whole game with the volume control panel that appears in the system tray (Bottom right). Double click it and it will show you a panel of all running programs and you can mute/turn down whatever programs you like.
  8. Genieman

    Genieman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm running XP, and I can't seem to mute the game no matter what volume controls I use, I have even plugged head phones in and the sounds are still coming out of the computer. Surely someone could let me know how to open and edit a .S2P file.
  9. Yeah, you can only do that with Vista as i said.

    Is this game like reeeeeeealy old?
  10. Genieman

    Genieman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the game was released in 1990 so I guess yah it's pretty old. I finally got it to work though, I downloaded dosbox from and ran it through the dos emulator and now the sound is controlled by the volume controls on the computer
  11. trollbasher

    trollbasher TS Rookie

    Lol i was just going to sugest trying dosbox i use it all the time i just downloaded that game and tried it myself outside dosbox the music came through the case speaker the only to to stop that would be disconect it, with dosbox though the music goes through the sound card and can be controlled.
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