Repairing PSD files

By LeonE
Dec 18, 2006
  1. I do a lot of work with Photoshop, and when my OS went down recently I ended up losing a lot of PSD files.

    Thanks to the incredible Ontrack Data Recovery Pro (I was very impressed!), I managed to retrieve probably 80% of them, but some of the retrieved files are damaged/corrupted. I'm sure there's still usable data in there as they're all about the right size and Photoshop will even generate a thumbnail preview of some files, despite the fact that it won't open them.

    I've tried Flobo PSD repair and DataNumen's Advanced PSD repair but no joy. Are there any others out there that are worth a try? If anybody has any first-hand experience/advice of repairing PSDs it'd be much appreciated.
  2. michelina

    michelina TS Rookie

    You are confused about the problem. You had a file system issue not a file format issue. those 2 programs are for file format issue. I've also tried Flobo PSD repair and i've resolved the problem fast. The best thing is free....
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