Replace heatsink fan?

By chunky
Feb 7, 2005
  1. The stock hsf on my non-overclocked +2500 barton is rather loud, and I would like to replace it. Is it possible for me to simply buy a new 60mm replacement fan without having to buy a completely hew heatsink and fan?

    I was looking at some nice 60mm panaflos that make around only 21 dbas but are labeled as case-fans. Would I be able to screw one of these panaflos onto my heastink?
  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    Standard case fans are 80mm X 80mm x 20mm. An 80mm fan will do you no good if you seek to replace a 60mm fan. A 60mm fan may work provided your heatsink has standard mounting brackets. However, be advised this will cause your cpu to rise in temperature (most likely) if the fan is slower.

    A better solution is to replace the heatsink/fan entirely. I personally favor the ThermalTake Volcano 9 for low-cost high-effectiveness Socket A cooling. You can pick it up online for only $14, and it has three different ways of choosing cpu fan speed: Automatic speed sense based on a thermal probe, which you can place wherever you wish, a rheostat which you can turn to choose the speed at which the fan spins, or a simple jumper to set it to either low or high speed mode.

    Case in point: In my shop machine I have an overclocked Athlon XP Barton. It is a stock 2500+ and is sitting at 3200+. I am using a volcano 9, and have the CPU fan forced to ~1100rpm - Barely audible, even when I am close to the computer. If I'm more than five feet away, the machine is inaudible. The cpu is quite hot, in fact at full load it sits at 64C, but this is fine for me.
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