Replace Mombo or RAM? different error results....

By dae_amp_ika_dtp
Jun 12, 2005
  1. ok my problem is i insatalled my ram backwards, yup..i dont know how i did it but i had it like that for about a month. anyways after all these BSOD and more.. i finally decided to chek if it was a RAM error. so i changed the ram(from slot one) to a different slot. now my ram was installed in slot two backwards. finally i got frustrated and planned on buying a new module but before doing so i decided to try cleaning the pins, but why when the modulewas new?? then thats when i noticed it was backwards. installing the ram correctly i hoped that the BSOD's were fixed. but they were not. so i did MEMTEST 86 on all 3 slots(this time installing propetly). Slot one and two (which i installed backwards had errors at different adresses) slot three which i never used had no errors at all. so now my module is in slot 3 and no more BSOD's. i was wondering what i would need to replace. my ram or my mombo (both are a month old). or do i have to replace both? and will buying the same mombo cause a problem? or would it be how it normally is? would i have to reinstall drivers? or just upgrade the BIOS. cause thats all ive done with this mombo was upgrade the bios. thanks..
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If you have tried Memtest on all sticks while they were in slot 3, and you had no errors on any of the sticks, then obviously the RAM is OK.
    What surprises me, is that you were able at all to mount the memory backwards. There are little 'humps' in the memory slots to prevent just that!
    Either you got a cheap mobo which does not have these 'humps', or you forced the memory in, regardless.
    A board with only 3 mem-slots sounds like a cheap board to me, but that is what you most likely need to replace.
    Before you do, please fill in your 'User Profile' (top left on any page), so we can have a look for proper advise. Be as detailed as you can!
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