Replacement MB for HD Tuner card compatability with hibernation

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Nov 19, 2004
  1. Sorry for the long post............

    I have 2 Epox MB's. One with a older KT133 chipset and one with a nForce2. I'm having a problem with hibernation and the system waking after it is put into hibernation by this tuner card software:

    I run 2k, but also tried XP, removed all other cards, reloaded the O/S, changed/updated the bios, changed drivers, stopped services from running, but the system doesn't return to do a recording EXCEPT when I use a 'helper' application to restart the system. Then it works ok most of the time.

    Anyway, I think I will get another MB that will work with a AMD 1700 Thourobred B processor since I already have it and want to keep costs down. The only thing else I will need is memory.

    I'm considering Abit or MSI. I DON'T want Asus since I had a major problem with support a few years ago with a video card that left a bad taste in my mouth for them in spite on their popularity.

    My question is; should I stick with nVidia and go with a nForce2 Ultra 400 or try a VIA KT880 chipset? It seems this software wasn't really tested with anything other than Wintel crap as usual or was tested to a limited extent.

    I have read some bad reviews on Abit AN7 boards and memory timming incompatability problems that has me worried since this was my first choice. These were older reviews, so the problems might have been corrected with bios updates. Also, bios saves were very long.
    There is also the NF7 series. I'm not sure which board is newer.

    The other choice is MSI with the K7N2 series. BTW, I don't overclock and I don't need/want the fastest thing on the planet.
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    Why do you think the problem is with the motherboard(s) and not the tuner card/drivers? Did you try BIOS updates?

    A device can be disallowed to wake the computer up in Windows Device Manager BTW.
  3. videobruce

    videobruce TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 93

    I tried almost everything. The program will record if the computer is left on, or this helper application (that's my term) is set to wake the system up before the TV program starts. Another program desogned to start a computer for whatever reason also works; WakeUp.
    I don't understand how that card would have anything to do with the system restarting itself when the command is generated by the software, correct?

    This thing that gets me is it DID work for the first few months. If it is the MB, why does the other apps start the system ok?
  4. Nodsu

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    Ah.. I didn't get your problem the first time. You should update the BIOS(es) on the motherboard(s) to (possibly) improve power management capabilities. Playing around with enable/disable ACPI/APM in BIOS might help too.

    What are the symptops of the recording not starting? What sort of errors do you get?

    The TV card may have poorly implemented power management support. Not many peripheral makers bother with it.

    Do your motherboards support "suspend to RAM"? You may have better luck with that than with hibernation.
  5. videobruce

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    As far as the recording not starting, it's the computer that doesn't start. It only starts when using the Suspend Test utility or WakeUp.
    If the box is on, the recording works fine (usually).
    Again it DID work for the first 3 or so months (last spring when I got the card). The bios was updated. S1 & S3 are enabled. The 5VSB rail looks good (at 5.14v) as I read the PS has to deliver that 5v at at least 720ma (at least for a Abir MB).
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