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Replacing mobo, PS in emachines 2.5 Celeron.

By Jedville ยท 5 replies
Feb 26, 2005
  1. I appreciate the help in advance folks.

    Ok, here's what I've got. Guy doesn't back his hard drive, and now I believe a power surge hosed the PS and mobo. Maybe some one can help me. When I replaced the ps, I get click, click, click off, on, off, on. The previous supply does nothing at all, at least this one lights the light in the front of the tower.

    My question is two fold, this emachines used a mini atx. I want to replace with a new mobo. I keep reading that I will need to reload windows xp. Ok, I'm fine with that, but I do have an extra HDD. Can I do a fresh load onto it, then get the data from the other by making it a slave even though it has xp loaded also. My plan is to move the data, save it (since the drive I have fresh is only 15 gig, and the drive in the computer is 40) to cd, then start fresh with the 40 that currently has what the guy wants. Is this all possible? The guys most important file is a huge data file of karaoke music for his buisness.

    Thanks is advance.
  2. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 433

    Luckily eMachines don't use proprietary hardware. The mobo is most likely an ECS with VIA chipsets. I had a T2080. It used an ECS L7VMM mobo with a KM266 chip. I once moved the HD over to a different computer with a PCChips board (also made by ECS) with a VIA PT800 chip. The computer booted up and ran fine. That was the only time I've seen that work, with the old drivers installed on a new mobo so you may be in luck. Although I personally think ECS is crap performance wise, they are rock solid boards, and probably a good choice for him to use it in his business that way. Are you going to load the eMachines recovery disks? If you reinstall the OS on a different HD then install the old one as a slave afterwords, there should really be no problem. Having said that, there is always that chance. LOL Sorry. Is the new power supply an eMachine one. I was wondering because I know that a lot of sites sell eMachine specific PSU's, though the connectors are standard 20 pin ATX
    I think it's just a mounting hole issue and is only for earlier models. Anyway good luck! I hope I covered most of your questions.
  3. Jedville

    Jedville TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm very lucky, I replaced PS with an atx, perfect fit. Thanks for the quick answer. Just ordered new mobo, man, now I want to build a new machine for myself!
  4. dzyqkk

    dzyqkk TS Rookie


    What motherboard did you end up buying. I also need to replace an L7VMM (for same reasons as your client).
  5. Jedville

    Jedville TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bought the EPox, great performance, great board. Got it from new egg.
  6. dzyqkk

    dzyqkk TS Rookie

    Jedville, thanks for the reply. However, there are many motherboards available from EPox and I need more information...like specific model number. When thinking motherboards and me, think SUPER REMEDIAL!!!! :)
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