Replacing Optical drive in an xbox

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Feb 26, 2007
  1. Has anyone ever done this? My old xbox is starting to have problems. After playing medal of honor for about 2 hours the other night (just bought MOH used) I got an error on the screen saying "damaged or corrupt disc". And I noticed a clicking sound coming from the console. Maybe the hardrive?? Not sure, but it seemed to play fine the next night on my bro-in-laws xbox console.
  2. raybay

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    The clicking sound is more likely the hard drive... as that is a typical failure sound... but the optical drive may require a replacement. Luckily they are cheap and widely available... You can find your model with a Google search, or by going to any of the biggies.
  3. halo71

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    So its a standard DVD drive?
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    I believe that the Power Connector is not a molex at least it wasnt on my xbox. So a standard drive wont work.

    You will need something like this
  5. halo71

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    I know this is a dumb question, but could a bad hardrive make the xbox display "bad or corrupt disc"?
  6. mattfrompa

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    It is not a standard dvd drive. Microsoft did this so we would have to go to them for a replacement or find another xbox. Make sure if you look for another xbox that it's a newer one since there was a discountinued drive. With the 360 you can't even swap just any 360 drives, you also have to make sure it's the right model (there are several). Best thing could be ebay
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