Replication between 2 windows servers

By tgreaves
Jan 8, 2008
  1. Is it possible to have data sync'd between 2 windows servers over the internet? A friend and I want to have a common area on both of our machines where if I put something in the common area then it will replicate over to his machine in his common area and vise versa..

    Is this possible?
  2. Nodsu

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    The builtin method would be DFS, but you would need to set up some sort of a VPN for that.
  3. gbhall

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    more discussion here

    This would be 2 or more Win2003 servers. I doubt very much that is what you have got. This is a professional service, probably costing a LOT. I remember Novell used to offer this type of thing (still does under it's Linux product line) as a fail-over non-stop process. Again a big cost service, but vital if you are running a hospital or the like.

    Here is a simpler, and MUCH cheaper procedure. Buy a package called SyncBackSE (about £30 or so) and set it up to run in scheduled mode. It will cheerfully and faultlessly duplicate any two directories across a network. I use it at work in place of the aforesaid Novell failover service, to synchronise two whole servers, and it is quite simply superb. Having said that, I have two servers in the same building, not connected over the internet, but that's just a technical problem....VPN....
  4. tgreaves

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    I sure do, 2 windows server 2003 datacenter edition machines.. Doesnt everyone have a few of them.. ;)
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