Report: Google's foldable Pixel Notepad will be cheaper than Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3


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Forward-looking: While foldable phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 are now being accepted by consumers, their high prices remain a problem for many. But Google’s entry into the foldables market will reportedly be cheaper than Samsung's rival device.

Rumors that Google is working on a foldable Pixel have been around for years—the company itself said it was working on prototypes back in 2019. An internal Google document suggested the folding Pixel would launch in 2021, but a report from November confirmed that the tech giant was instead targeting the second half of this year for a release date.

Earlier this month, we finally learned what appears to be the foldable’s official name: the Pixel Notepad. And now 9to5Google reports that it will cost $1,400, citing two sources familiar with Google’s plans.

Assuming the reported price is accurate and Google doesn’t change it before the Pixel Notepad launches sometime in 2022, the phone will be $400 cheaper than the $1,799 Galaxy Z Fold 3. If the Pixel Notepad is on par with or better than Samsung’s device, that price tag could make it a more appealing prospect.

The Pixel Notepad is expected to look more like Oppo’s Find N than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 thanks to its shorter and wider shape, as opposed to being taller and narrower. It’s also thought to use the same Tensor chip found in the Pixel 6 series but will forego the flagship's 50MP rear camera in favor of the Pixel 3 - 5a’s 12.2-megapixel IMX363 sensor, alongside a 12MP ultrawide camera. There will also be two 8-megapixel IMX355s selfie cams, one on the front screen and one on the main screen.

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I still think the solid, strong, flat, one-faced candbar shape is the most efficient.

You're adding a level of complexity (unfolding it) and reducing the strength and effectiveness of the display to add a gimmicky folding display?

Not to mention it's bigger and bulkier...


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1400 instead of 1800 is still a **** ton of money.

I honestly don't think Google expects to sell many of these at all, they just want to basically fine tune and refine Android for the new foldable, hybrid phone and tablet paradigm since a lot of big companies are moving on that direction and they might want to let them know they are invested (by literally investing) in this new form factor so they don't get any ideas about custom OSes or too much differentiation from core Android.

But as an actual consumer product? It's still too damn much money for something we know will still have heavy draw backs vs devices that are 400 to 800 bucks cheaper just because of the foldable screen.


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Meh. Apple finally updated the iPad mini so the bar for a foldable tablet has gone up from what it was a year ago. I think we're still 3 years away from foldables both being good enough and not requiring more than a 20% portability premium.


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Hopeful on this one, if Google has used the existing foldables for meaningful learning and they don’t screw up the hardware like they used to be so famous for on their phones.

$1400 is still too much for a phone, regardless.


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As a fold3 owner it better have top notch software.

samsung really put in alot of nifty tricks to help with the tablet side of the fold3.


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As a fold3 owner it better have top notch software.

samsung really put in alot of nifty tricks to help with the tablet side of the fold3.

And hardware - Google Gimmick SoC somehow convince people that paying $600 for less features than their previous phone, while turning into a Literal Porker is somehow justified?

If they make a Foldable, it's going to weigh the same as the iPad Pro (with half the hardware features of the Galaxy).