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Sep 17, 2004
  1. I'm so amazingly pissed off right now, it's beyond thought. So after beating down on my pillow for a good 15 minutes, I come to you folks for some assistance.

    This problem all started with a freakin' video card. The smart *****s at nVidia told me I needed to reformat my HDD because of this new video card, even after knowing the card that was ship to be via RMA (or whatever it's called) was possibly damaged (I received the card amidst the remains of the one of the tropical storms in NY). The package was completely wet and the box look like someone bit the first half off.

    So against my better judgement, I decided to listen like an utter *****. I saved all my data onto a DVD+RW and before I reformatted, I tested out the disc to make sure they work. Well ... now that I'm fully reformatted and see that the problem has not been corrected (big surprise) I can't seem to access most of my files. The disc(s) itself is in perfect condition -- not a scratch. I just can't seem to, well, copy most of the files and paste them to where they belong.

    Is there a program or something that can salvage my files? I've spent years collecting and achieving these files and I would be totally heart broken if this can't be help.
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    Have you reinstalled Windows on your hard drive?
    Reformatting your hard drive to fix a video card problem was a very bad idea. Whoever told you to do this has misinformed you. What do you mean by can't access most of the files? Did you manage to copy any of them back to the hard drive?
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    I think my first port of call would be a mate who could check the DVD for me to make sure he could read it, if he can then at least you know your data's safe. Secondly, I'd put my old video card back in, re-format (yes - I know it's a real pain) and try to upgrade the video from a clean installation then copy my data back. Good luck.
  4. wis

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  5. Ragnarok-dot-WS

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    Yes, I know it was a terrible idea. Believe me, I'm still kicking myself because I knew better. Oh well. As for your question. I can't access most of the files via copy and paste. In some cases, if the file is deep enough in (folder wise), they don't even show up at all. Some of the files copy, while others don't.


    Thank you for the suggestion, but that's already done. The video card that I received was yank out of my system way before I posted this thread. I'm not doing anymore re-installations. This thread isn't about my video card, but recovering my files off a DVD.


    I'll give this program a shot. I've downloaded a host of programs these last few days. One program that works particularly well is BadCopy Pro. Unfortunately I can't select the folder itself; only the files and the files are in too many folders to rescue indivdually (there are over 14 thousand images on this particular disc).
  6. RealBlackStuff

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  7. Ragnarok-dot-WS

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    Yeah, I've tried ISOBuster. I think it's the program that I need too. Unfortunately, I need the professional version to do what I need it to do (save an entire folder). I accidentally played around with the registration button and now it's grey out, so even if I did want to purchase it (for a very affordable price), I can't.

    I like BadCopy Pro too. But again, I can't save an entire folder in this one. Which means it'll be a very laboring process to attempt to save every single image individually.

    I'm certain these are the sort of programs I need to work with.
  8. RealBlackStuff

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    Uninstall ISOBuster, delete the directory it was in, do a scan in your registry for anything to do with Isobuster and delete it.
    Then re-install it.
  9. wis

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