Researchers create tiny robots that mimic water striders

Shawn Knight

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Researchers at Harvard University in collaboration with colleagues at Seoul National University have developed a robot that can not only walk on water, it can jump on it.

The robot, which measures just 0.75 inches tall and weighs only two-thousandths of an ounce, was inspired by water strider bugs. The robot is surprisingly easy to assemble and perhaps more surprisingly, it can exert a force 16 times its own body weight as it stands on the surface of water.

Researchers believe the tiny robots could one day be used in search operations.

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We used to have water striders in our pool in chicago when my father and I maintained it. Never would run the filter. Had a bug called backswimmers too, which kept a bubble of air attached to their bodies. I think both flew when the water was clear. And my mom doesn't want to go in this pool at our condo maintained by pros.


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Surely, a box of artificial water striders in your supermarket will be selling like hot cakes.