Resetting default audio settings?



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if this helps at all,

I was trying to split my sound so that game sound would come through the speakers, and all the sound from ventrilo would come through my headphones.

I think the only way to get to work would be if you could pan game sound hard left, vertrilo hard right, run the output to mono channels on mixer and then set one of the channels to main out and the other to monitor on headphones. Seems like I did this once a long time ago. You might be able to pan each source at pc and then split the stereo out to mono signals and run one to an amp and one to headphones but then the out signal couldn't be line level or you wouldn't be able to hear much on the headphones unless they were amplified.


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Well he could buy a usb sound blaster 2 go card, hookup his headphones to it.
His sound blaster usb headphones would be default audio device, his mobo sound card would be communication device.
I fixed my problem with that 2 years it don't have any more problems from it.
When he is in game he will need to point the audio settings to point at sound blaster or whatever secondary sound card.
Now if he doesn't want the headphones, all he has to do is disable default device from it.
Also if he wants music or what not windows media player or whatever player will catch the audio.
Unless something else pops up and interferes and wants dibs to the sound card making it more aggrevating.