Resident Evil 3 remake demo launches March 19

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Capcom on Monday announced that its remake of Resident Evil 3 will be playable in demo form later this week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Per Capcom’s latest blog post, players can step into the shoes of Jill Valentine and explore a slice of Raccoon City starting March 19. The game will feature a bit more action compared to last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, we’re told, but that doesn’t mean you can run out with guns blazing.

“It may be a demo, but you’ll need to conserve your ammo and items if you want to stand a chance of surviving,” Capcom said.

The developer further revealed that an open beta for Resident Evil Resistance, the game’s online multiplayer mode, will get started on March 27. In this mode, you can play as a survivor on a team of four trying to escape a twisted experiment. You can also elect to play as the Mastermind, setting traps and manipulating the environment to try and thwart the survivors’ escape.

With the coronavirus keeping droves of people indoors for extended periods of time, there’s arguably never been a better time to catch up on some gaming. Just last weekend, gamers set a new concurrent player record on Steam with over 20 million people gaming at once.

Resident Evil 3 launches on the aforementioned platforms on April 3.

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From the first trailer, the 15 foot shotgun spread at about a 10 foot distance made it a hard pass for me. Won't spend money on the game if the shotty ain't proper, it just looks like it's all show, like it focuses on looking scary instead of being a useful shotgun.

Shotguns are my favorite weapons in games and theirs is an awful depiction.