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Jan 19, 2006
  1. my desktop resolution is 1152x864, but i play my games at 1024x768, this causes my games to not fill up the whole screen. is there any way i can make it so i dont have to change any of my resolutions, but my game fills the whole screen?
  2. l33t_tek

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    Press the buttons in-front of your monitor and stretch the screen until it's full.
    Otherwise, you can set your games to 1152x864 if your graphic card if powerful enough.
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    well, in games like bf2 and nfs mw, my x800xt cant handle anything higher if i want all settings on high. i was going to try and stretch the screen but i thought that would affect my whole computer. so for example if i went back to my desktop, everything would be way off the page, but i guess not, thanks for the advice.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Yeh, it won't change your desktop size. Monitors remember the screen settings for each resolution and each frequency at that resolution. So when you go back to your desktop it will jump back to 1152x864 at whatever Hz you were at before, and it will look just like it did before you opened the game.
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    most people

    Ok try downloading and installing your monitor drivers. MOst people do not do this. Also check to see what refresh rate you are running at.
    BF2 you kinda have to find the file to set this. But most other games allow you to say what you want to run it at.
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