Resolution Stuck in Vista *again*

By cfitzarl
Jun 22, 2007
  1. Hi everyone :wave: !

    I had this problem before; whenever I would install a new nforce driver, and if it were succesful w/o a black screen, my resolution would be stuck at 1024x768 on my LCD (which has a native res of 1280x1024). I thought that maybe with nVidia's new 158.24 drivers, maybe this might have been addressed, but as I expected, no. I have tried *many* drivers, and every single one ended up with one of two results; the res problem or a black screen on bootup. The only drivers that have worked are the WDDM Drivers installed by Vista by default :mad:. Well, I am royally angry now, and I already want to throw Vista into the garbage ;) . I have tried regedit edits, but none of the correct keys are there from the tutorials. Any help would be much appreciated :) .

    I forgot to add that I have my monitor set as "Digital Flat Panel: 1280x1024". I have had no luck with drivers for my monitor either (a Xerox XG-91D).
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