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By HiJackThis1.99
May 16, 2006
  1. I already asked a similar question I got another one (Windows XP)

    How can I disable with absolute control internet downloads. See when I am not home I do not want people to download stuff from the internet because they have no idea what they are doing and download malware. I do not want to put a password rather restrict any type downloads.
    1)Internet Content/Cookies can be downloaded.
    2)Manual Downloads are restricted.
    3)ActiveX Downloads are restricted.

    Somebody mentioned using Group Policy, can I do it through this?

    Also if I can place a password block. Meaning whenever a different user wants to make an internet download a window would appear saying "Manual Downloaded are Restricted please type password" something like that?
  2. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    Go into

    start, Control Pannel, Network and Internet Connections, Internet Options, Security TAB, Internet, Custom Level...,

    Now if you don't want to be able to download files scroll down to were it says Downloads and Click the bubble that says Disable. This will turn off downloading.

    You can enable it at any time to regain downloading ability.

    Best of Luck
  3. HiJackThis1.99

    HiJackThis1.99 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 92

    Thank you SO much. There is no way they can figure that out!

    For further security purposes how can I set a password block/remove that bubble or prevent access to Interent Security Options. I think I can do it though gpedit but that takes to longgg if I want to enable it for myself, any other ideas?
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