Reversing Stereo Channels In XP

By be_patient
Jan 30, 2007
  1. hi. i am running a8n32sli mobo with integrated soundcard on Windows XP and have had no problems till yesterday.

    i normally run a 5.1 surround sound.... again no problems, but yesterday i picked up a pair of headphones only 2 realize that the left and right channels are backwards.

    this is weird because my 5.1 channels are all right, so i set all sound card settings to operate for a headset, still the channels are reversed.

    next i assumed it was a problem with my headphones, so trying a mates pair out i was faced with the same problem.

    my final idea was 2 check driver, so i updated my sound driver (ac97 i think it was) , and although this did substantially increase my sound quality it still left me with reversed channels.

    this is absolutely killin me so any help is apprectiated.... ive looked all ova the net with no success.

    thanks is advance,
    be patient
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